10- 13-09          So this week is sopposed to be really really rainy.  Today in the bay area it rained all day causing people to use umbrella's!!!!!  Anyway  my dad and the weather lady said that the rain should get lighter tomorrow but the wind will stay for a while.  Personally i love the wind and the rain so this weather is great for me but for those of you who prefer sun and heat with a light breeze i honestly do feel bad.  So good luck to all and make sure that you bring an umbrella tomorrow and mabye on thursday just incase. 

   10-19-09       So today it rained!!! And it was really really wierd to, becuz all day it was like super hott and i even had to take off my jacket, and then durring fourth period it like started to POUR rain!!!  Anyway i was really exited for the rain becuz as we all know i love the rain.  Although it really didnt help with me being sick in all.  HAHA that's kinda funny.  Except for the fact that im not sick with a cold or the flu!!! i have sreo throut!!! ok well you know what i mean i cant really spell that rite now but watever!!!